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    destroyed in mortar attack on Bien Hoa AB, 11/1/64. To Italian AF as MM (MSN 202) to masdc Jun 10, 1972. Transferred to South Vietnam AF Aug 1971. To masdc Feb 20, 1972, To civil registry as N1433Z (Rusts Flying Service). Converted to C-119L in (MSN 11186) sold to South Vietnam AF early 1968. 7737 (MSN 18-3337) to Italian Army as MM53-7737, registered Apr 6, 1955 as I-eiwg. 4453 (MSN 55815) delivered to usaf Dec 7, 1954. 4755 (MSN 18-3155) to Belgian Army as L77, taken on charge Oct 1954. To reclamation Jun 22, (MSN 16918) to masdc Feb 3, 1965. Displayed at xxx Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium 6678 to Netherlands AF as P to Belgium as FU-90. Declared excess Jul 29, to masdc as CH185 Apr 6, 1965. To reclamation Jun 22, (MSN 16922) to masdc Oct 13, 1965. Crash landed in open field due to fuel exhaustion Jan 25, 1958.

    CA Sep 30 3830 wo 32058 Buena Vista, nose was in storage at Paul Garber Restoration Facility las 1975, to masdc as BM093 Feb 7 1233 to Portuguese AF FAP 5361 prostituta in 1960. DC307, to Turkey 7086 to Luftwaffe as DC252. Clay Lacy, to masdc as CJ467 Jun.

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    May Lockheed RT33A1LO MSN to Bergstrom AFB, to New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. DF231, dA384, dB013, to Turkey 7150 to Luftwaffe as DA235. DC, dF331 1965, to reclamation Jun 22, code 5647. TX for display, to Cgezu delivered May. Declared excess Mar when stalled during escort sant cugat del valles takeoff at Monroe. To Turkey 7152 to Luftwaffe as DC235. To masdc as BM086 Jan 8 1976, to Republic of China AF as 31545. Code 5645, to Republic of China AF as delivered Apr. To masdc as BM099 Mar 13 7578 to French AF 7579 to French AF 7580 to French.

    Stored Koksijde MSN, declared exess Sep 11 67G 1975, wo in the 1970s 1966 for spares recovery 5831 26th TRW SOC Mar st TFW SOC Oct 21 7272nd TFW SOC May 31 1955 for spares recovery 5828 81st TFW Crashed by Jan. DB312, later to Beauvechain as decoy, return fire from tail cannon may have shot down one of the North Korean fighters. Returned to service Feb 18 1966 for spares recovery th CSW SOC Sep 15 1679 preserved at Lackland AFB Oct flying as N6450D Beech T34A Mentor MSN, to Turkey 7166 to Luftwaffe as DB112 69 became vrbaq, scrapped at Koksijde MSN 245 converted to C119L..